Infringement payments other than parking

Council has an obligation to enforce local laws to keep our community safe. If you are in breach of these laws, you may receive a fine as a result.

If you receive a compliance infringement notice, you need to pay by the due date on the notice to avoid extra costs or further legal action.

Pay an infringement other than parking

Learn more about your options if you have received a parking infringement

If you disagree with the decision or don't believe that you should have received the fine, you have the following options:

Appeal an infringement notice

If you have been served with an infringement notice, you may request a review of the decision to serve an infringement notice if you believe that the decision:

  • was contrary to law
  • involved a mistake of identity
  • should be reviewed due to special circumstances, as defined by the Infringements Act 2006 (Vic)
  • should be excused due to exceptional circumstances. 

Requests must be submitted to Council within 28 days of the notice being issued.

Dispute a compliance infringement notice

Please note each infringement type is different and we will review your request on a case by case basis.  

Elect to have the matter heard and determined in court

The person named on the infringement notice may elect to have the matter heard and determined in a Court. Ignoring your infringement can lead to additional costs and further court action.

You must notify Frankston City Council in writing if you wish to refer the matter to the Magistrates Court. You can email or submit your request by mail:

Frankston City Council
PO Box 490
Frankston 3199

Information about animal infringements and fees

We will not consider an appeal for the following:

  • To withdraw an animal infringement for failure to register a dog or cat if the animal remains unregistered.
  • All animal infringements issued under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (Vic) set by the Victorian State Government.
  • A non-refundable pound release fee as this is not a fine/infringement.

Please include supporting documentation or information with your request for appeal.

  • This includes positive information from animal owners, such as steps the owner has taken on their property to prevent a dog from escaping again.