Free mental health first aid training for the community

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Statistics report that one in five Australians have a mental illness or disorder and that 45% of us will experience a mental health condition in our lifetime. Learn more about this report at DHHS.

We all know about First Aid and CPR, but do you know how to recognise someone experiencing mental health issues or what you can do to support them?

Frankston City Council has partnered with Australian Red Cross and Mental Health First Aid Australia to offer free mental health training to people in our community. 

A resident who recently attended a session found it highly beneficial, adding: 

"I've personally struggled with mental illness myself, but I didn't really understand what happened to me. So, I started to look for more information to educate myself a little bit more. I also know a few people who are facing a mental health concerns."

"I learned a lot from the session, which opened my eyes and my mind about mental health. Being able to notice when people around us may be having down times or difficulties is crucial. [Recognising the signs] means we can reach out and support them and direct them to find the right professional help if needed. We also learned how to properly approach someone who is struggling — how to make the person feel comfortable and build some trust between you."

"Our instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. I would definitely recommend the training to others."  the resident said.

Choose from either an informative half day workshop to get the skills you need or a 2-day accredited course.

Mental Health Matters half-day workshops (Red Cross)

At Ebdale Hub Community Centre on selected Saturdays 10.30am – 3pm

Upcoming sessions are:

  • Saturday 13th May 
  • Saturday 3rd June 

Register now

 Mental Health First Aid – standard 2-Day Accredited course (You-Group Australia)

Upcoming sessions are:

  • Monday 17th and 24th April 
  • Wednesday 24th and 31st May 
  • Thursday 11th  and 18th  May    
  • Thursday 22nd and 29th June 

Register interest at

Contact or call 9768 1629 or 0459 755 630 for more information.