Saving Water

 Around the home

On average, most of us use 157 litres of water per day. In the average Victorian household, most of this water is used in the bathroom, followed by the laundry, garden and kitchen. Showers usually use the most water, followed by washing machines.

However, household water usage can vary dependent on many factors. To find out how you’re going and where you use your water, try out this handy water calculator.

Simple tips for saving water around the home:

  • Install a 3 star water efficient showerhead
  • Take shorter showers (four minutes or less) - use a shower timer
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Wash dishes and clothing with a full load
  • Plug the sink when washing vegetables and fruit
  • Install a dual flush toilet or flush control device
  • Fix all water leaks and dripping taps
  • Install flow restrictors in all taps
  • Install water efficient appliances - look for star ratings on items such as dishwashers and washing machines, the more stars, the more water efficient
  • Use rainwater as an alternative source for toilet flushing. Find out more about rainwater tanks.
  • Use rainwater or greywater for watering your garden. Find out more about greywater use.

In the garden

For information on saving water in the garden visit Council’s Waterwise Gardening page.

Water rebates and targets

Showers use the most hot water in a typical Victorian home. By changing your showerhead to a more efficient one you can save water and reduce your energy costs. Visit Environmental Grants and Rebates via Related Information for more on rebates to changeover your showerhead (households and businesses can apply).

Target 155 is a voluntary water efficiency program to encourage metropolitan Melbourne householders to limit their consumption to 155 litres per person per day.

Business tips

There's a lot you can do to improve efficiency and save water in your business.

Visit South East Water, the local water retailer, for more information on water efficiency, case studies and resources tailored to most industries, such as food processing, manufacturing, hospitality and horticulture, plus information on alternative water sources including rainwater and recycled water.

Reporting a burst or leaking water main

To report a burst or leaking water main in Frankston City, please contact the local water retailer, South East Water, Faults and Emergencies, phone 13 28 12 (24 hours).