Recovering from an Emergency

Coping with an emergency is stressful and people will react differently. There are many things that you may find you have to do in order to get back on your feet. It is important you take plenty of time to do these things. Make sure you get help from friends, family, or neighbours. Be aware that the recovery process may go on for a long time, particularly if what has happened to you is very stressful.

You should look after yourself by keeping healthy through exercising, maintaining a good diet, spending time doing things you like, and limiting the intake of stimulants.

For more information on keeping healthy visit the Better Health Channel website.

The Department of Human Services plays a major role in assisting in the areas of emergency prevention, response and recovery. These activities are undertaken in conjunction with other government departments, statutory authorities, local government, business and non-government organisations.

The Department of Human Services provides fact sheets on a range of recovery services, including:

  • Stress after an emergency
  • When someone you know has had a traumatic experience
  • Dealing with financial matters after an emergency
  • Personal hardship grant: emergency grant

Access to information and support will aid recovery for most people. Sharing fact sheets with family and friends may also help you support each other.