Open your Business

Relocating or starting your business in Frankston City

Overview of employment precincts and how to find the right location for your business.


Ongoing support

Council offers a range of information, programs and assistance for running a business, relocating or investing in the Frankston municipality.

Business Classes and Workshops

 Book online to learn new skills, strategies and build knowledge to assist with starting, growing and expanding your business.

Business Coaching

Low cost, one-on-one business coaching sessions with business experts across a variety of disciplines.

Business Grants

Frankston City Council can help you with a range of business grants.

Co-working Spaces in Frankston City

Co-working spaces are a type of membership based workplace that involve a communal working environment.

Other Business Programs

Splash Card, events and awards, networking, engagement, market research and government programs.

Policies and Strategies for Economic Development

Projects, strategies and incentives to ensure growth in jobs and business opportunities.

Invest Frankston

There are $200 Million plus reasons to invest in Frankston with Council now streamlining applications processes for developments.

Linking to Business Program - Collaboration with Monash Business School

Frankston City Council is collaborating with Monash Business School to provide first hand work experience of business operations in the local region.

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