Digital Marketing Masterclass

Frankston City Council is providing a limited number of lucky businesses the opportunity to improve their digital marketing skills through a free masterclass program.

The Digital Marketing Masterclass program will be facilitated by James Eling, Managing Director of Carrum Downs based business Extreme Networks and will be taking place over three consecutive Wednesdays –

Day 1 - Wednesday 13 November

Day 2 – Wednesday 20 November; and

Day 3 – Wednesday 27 November.

Council is asking interested business owners and managers to complete an expression of interest form for the program.

This as a great opportunity to promote business growth and engage with local businesses by providing career development and increased skills in the digital marketing space.

As part of their expression of interest, businesses will be asked to nominate the staff member who would benefit most from the sessions.

Session Content:

Each day will run from 9AM to 5PM with a 1 hour lunch. Lunch will be provided onsite, and participants will be encouraged to use the time to discuss their unique marketing efforts and issues.

Day 1: Wednesday 13 November

Digital Marketing Introduction: SEO, SEM, and Social Media, including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. An overview of the platforms and strengths and weaknesses of each.

Why Digital Marketing: 7 tangible effects that can be generated with Digital Marketing. We will highlight how these can impact a small business and assist in growth.

Creating a marketing plan: This will highlight the importance of the marketing plan and ensuring that it is subordinate to the business plan.

The Avatar Matrix: Creating a Digital Marketing Targeting Board to increase the efficiency of the marketing campaigns.

The Psychological Basis for Marketing: Understanding the hooks that are used in successful Digital Marketing.

An example Social Media Campaign: A breakdown of an integrated marketing campaign to leave attendees with an idea of what can be achieved so that they are able to think about effects that they would want to achieve in their business.

Day 2: Wednesday 20 November

Offline and accessory marketing activities. Public relations, letter drops, radio, papers. We will discuss ways of enhancing online marketing with integrating with offline methodologies.

Marketing Methodology. The Decide, Detect, Deliver Assess methodology for constructing marketing campaigns. We will use each person’s own business to construct trial marketing campaign concepts.

Basics of Search Engine Optimisation. Creation of a webpage, along with the tools required for keyword analysis.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing basics. The creation, publishing, advertising and monitoring of a Facebook Post.

Content marketing. Blogging, Vlogging and Podcasting. We look at the benefits and processes to create these valuable marketing resources, including a live Green Screen Demonstration.

Day 3: Wednesday 27 November

Linkedin Marketing. Which industries does Linkedin work with and top tips for effective Linkedin marketing.

Integrating Marketing Effects. Cross platform retargeting to increase sales conversions.

Sales pipelines and workflows. The creation of a sales pipeline to decrease the cost of customer acquisition.

Practical Workshop – Each participant will work through the creation and execution of a digital marketing activity, either creating an SEO optimised landing page, Linkedin post, Facebook campaign.

To be Eligible

  • Businesses must have a minimum of four employees  
  • The employee nominated should be currently performing digital marketing activities

Businesses will also be required to demonstrate how participating in the program will assist the employee and organisation.

The program will be provided for free to limited number of successful applicants, so long as the staff member attends each of the sessions.

The date for the Expressions of interest has been extended to Friday 25 October.

Register your interest by completing the form

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Privacy Statement

Frankston City Council is committed to protecting your personal information. Frankston City Council may also contact you for the purpose of evaluating the program or inviting you to participate in future programs. Personal information will only be used and disclosed as authorised by law. For further information about how your personal details will be handled by Council, or to access your information, please see Council’s privacy policy or contact Council’s privacy officer on 1300 322 322.

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