Commercial Activities in Public Open Space 2020-2021

The next round of grant funding will open mid-2021. To register your interest in this program please fill out the form below. 

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Frankston City Council aims to become the epicentre of innovation, growth, industry, modernity and thinking. Commercial operators from the municipality are invited to capitalize on our progressive region by setting up temporary commercial operations in specific parks, public spaces and sites throughout Frankston City Centre.

IF you share the vision and the passion for what can be, we invite you to apply to conduct regular commercial activities in Frankston City Council’s Foreshore Reserve, Ballam Park, Beauty Park, Station Street Mall, White Street, Mall and Clyde Street Mall for a twelve month licence in 2021-2022.

We will continue to support and encourage the people and businesses of Frankston City to make it happen, through our highly innovative and successful support programs.

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