Environmental Upgrade Finance Program


We’re helping local businesses unlock savings! 

If your business wants to do a building upgrade you may have access to government enabled finance. 

Environmental Upgrade Finance has low fixed rate interest periods with long loan terms. It allows you to access capital and save money while making your building more sustainable.

Make repayments through your local council, over terms up to 20 years. This means your business could be cash-flow positive in year one.

Watch the video on how Environmental Upgrade Finance works

How does it work?

Environmental Upgrade Finance is an agreement between the business owner, council, and lender. It helps business owners make sustainable building upgrades and save money.

What's different from other loans?

  • Up to 100% project finance, including hard and soft costs.
  • Loan terms between 4 - 20 years
  • Repayments made via local council rates
  • Option to split repayments between landlord and tenants
  • No requirement for personal or business security.

Benefits to businesses

By using this finance to fund building upgrades, businesses can benefit from:

  • reduced business operating costs
  • positive cashflow outcome from project – often from year one
  • security from volatile energy markets
  • media and promotional opportunities
  • better working environment
  • environmental leadership in the community.

What can be funded?

You can use the funding for projects that have a positive environmental benefit. Popular projects include:

  • solar systems, solar PV (photovoltaic) panels and battery solutions
  • energy efficiency upgrades, such as lighting and control
  • heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • green and cool roof installations
  • water efficiency and treatment systems
  • waste management
  • electric vehicle charging stations.

These are just some of the upgrades you can make to your building using Environmental Upgrade Finance. Get in contact with a participating lender if you have a project that’s not on the list to find out if it qualifies.


Any type of business can apply, provided:

  • Building is on rateable land
  • Primarily a non-residential property
  • Upgrade has a measurable environmental benefit

This includes Agriculture, Commercial Office Building, Tourism and Commercial and Industrial properties.


Want to know more and apply for the finance? Get in contact with a Sustainable Australia Fund: 

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