Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) Program


The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program encourages business owners to upgrade to energy-saving products (appliances) and services. Eligible businesses can get a discount on approved appliances through the program, saving you money on your energy bills while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On average, businesses can save $3,700 a year on energy bills. For larger businesses, dollar savings can run into the hundreds of thousands, depending on their upgrades.

Appliances included

A range of appliances are eligible for the discount:

  • Hot water systems (electric and gas) 
  • Heating and cooling 
  • Refrigerated display cabinets (RDCs) 
  • Fridges and freezers 
  • Refrigeration/ventilation fans 
  • Lighting 
  • Shower heads 
  • Pre-rinse spray valves (PRSV) 
  • TVs 
  • Dryers 
  • Motors 
  • Glazing

The exact discount amount varies based on the upgrades you’re interested in. You'll need to get a quote to find out how much you may be eligible for.  

Benefits to businesses

The VEU program can help you: 

  • save money on upgrade costs 
  • reduce your energy bill and long-term energy consumption 
  • contribute to Victoria’s reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Access the upgrade

To be eligible, you'll need to work with an 'Accredited Provider’ (APs) to create the necessary energy certificates and paperwork for the discount. APs can connect you with a tradesperson or explain how your local tradesperson can complete the upgrade. 

There’s a wide range of APs listed on the VEU website. We recommend contacting any of the below: 

  • Ecovantage 
  • Greenbank Environmental 
  • Home Lab* 
  • LED Saves 
  • MYOM 
  • Shine On 
  • RETA* 
  • U Pocket (aka. Say Green) 

*APs require you to have or find your own tradesperson

Please contact the APs directly to gain a quote for your upgrade. We suggest you contact multiple APs to ensure you have a variety of options.

More information

For more information, please visit the Victorian Government's Energy Upgrades Program or contact local program expert: 

Chloe Michaelides
Phone: 0493 254 879