Do It Outdoors – Destinations Program

Frankston City Council aims to become the epicentre of innovation, growth, industry, modernity and forward thinking. Commercial operators from the municipality are invited to capitalise on our progressive region by setting up temporary, long term commercial operations in specific parks, public spaces and sites located throughout Frankston City.

We are calling on you to activate some of our most popular public open spaces and create energetic, magnetic locations for our community to enjoy on the regular.

From yoga in the park and food trucks at dusk, to volleyball on the beach or markets by the bay, our public open spaces are eager to thrive with a packed calendar of outdoor adventures and vibrant urban experiences as part of our Do It Outdoors – Destinations Program.  

You can apply to run your commercial business from Frankston City Council’s Foreshore Reserve, Oliver’s Hill Boat Ramp, Ballam Park and Sandfield Reserve, for a twelve month licence in 2022–2023.

We invite you to apply to conduct regular commercial activities and become part of Do It Outdoors Destinations in Frankston City:

Applications closed on Friday 16 September, 2022.

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