Short stay rental accommodation registration

You must register your short stay rental accomodation property according to Council's Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law 2020.

A short stay rental accommodation includes:

  • Accommodation provided by the owner of a property, for fee or reward, to another person for no more than 30 consecutive days on that property. It does not include any property that is required to be registered under any other Act or regulation.

Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law 2020

Council's Short Stay Rental Accommodation Local Law addresses:

  • registration
  • standard of management
  • presentation of short term rental accommodation properties in the municipality.


Failure to register your short stay rental accommodation may result in enforcement action being taken including:

  • infringement notices  
  • court action. 


Step 1.Prepare your application

Your application must include: 

  • the property address of your accommodation
  • your contact details
  • details of advertising platforms used
  • number of onsite parking spaces provided
  • property Manager details if applicable
  • details of your designated contact person.

Step 2.Submit your application

Please have a Visa or Mastercard credit/debit card ready to pay the non-refundable registration fee (Amex/Diners cards not accepted online).

Apply online

Step 3.What happens next?

Upon approval, we will mail your Certificate of Registration to the address provided in your application.

Mail / in person

If you are not able to apply online 

You can: