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Wednesday 15 August 2018

Seaford Road Closure - Level Crossing Removal Works

Description of Works: The Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) will close Seaford Road for works.

Timing of Works: 18 August until 28 September. There will also be rail closures for one week from 8 September and replacement bus services will be in operation.

Disruption Expected:  It is recommended to avoid using Seaford Road as much as possible, use alternative freeway exits to get to Seaford. We also recommend using Nepean Highway whenever possible to avoid delays.

More Information:

Details of all public transport relevant to these Seaford Road works are available here.  

If you have any further questions, please contact LXRA on or phone 1800 105 105.

Overport Park - Sports Pavilion and Oval Upgrade

Description of Works: Frankston City Council in partnership with the Victorian Government is developing an exciting new sports pavilion and upgrades to Oval 2. Key features will include:

  • Female-friendly change rooms
  • Unisex umpire facilities
  • Community room, kitchen and amenities
  • Public toilets and new car parks
  • Oval 2 refurbishment including irrigation and drainage and fencing

Timing of Works:

  • Oval reconstruction: August to December 2018
  • Pavilion construction: October 2018 to December 2019

Asphalt Works - Ballarto Road 

Description of Works: Works include Asphalt  patching, an Asphalt overlay, line marking and will include asphalt rectification works on completed lower section towards Taylors road. Works will be completed at night under a  FULL ROAD CLOSURE from Westernport Hwy to Taylors Road.

  • Restricted Access to the Harold Road FRRRC (recycling centre) will be maintained for Council vehicles, street sweepers and garbage trucks, Via Westernport Hwy.
  • Advanced site notification will be provided by illuminated signage(VMS boards) will be in place for the necessary information to road users.

Timing of Works: Commencing  Sunday 12 August from 8pm – 6am with anticipated completion by Sunday 19 August 2018 weather permitting.

Disruption Expected Site, Traffic and Pedestrian Management will be in place for the entire duration of works to maintain public safety. Traffic controllers will be onsite whilst works are in progress to assist vehicles and pedestrians as required.Vehicle access to properties will be maintained as far as practicable during the works, however some delays can be expected.

Frankston Foreshore - Sight Line Artwork Restoration

Description of Works: Renewal of the Sight Line Artwork along Frankston Pier. Installation of a line of newly designed support poles, each with a revolving ‘nautical’ windvane on to. The internal lighting system will be eliminated and around each pole will be fixed a short mirror-finish stainless steel sleeve, at a different height on each pole. The main shaft of the new poles will be fabricated from bronze, a traditional sculptural material that has withstood marine environments for centuries. The bronze surface will be finished with a verdigris patina.

Timing of Works:  Currently underway with completion expected mid August 2018 (weather permitting).

Frankston Waterfront Playground Redevelopment

Description of Works: The proposed works include demolition of existing aged equipment, refurbishment of the iconic ‘Pixie Hats’ (steel cone roofs) and installation of new junior and senior play spaces utilising durable structural materials more resilient to the harsh coastal environment.

The new playground design includes:

  • sand and water play zones
  • ramps
  • shelter
  • decks
  • swings and slides
  • maintenance of existing trees and foliage
  • and a diverse range of play activities designed to cater for all levels of play. 

Timing of Works - Commencing late June 2018 with a duration of 3 months

Disruption Expected:  Temporary closure of the playground. The works have however been timed to occur in the off season through winter and early spring to minimise any potential impacts. Every effort will be made to maintain pedestrian access through the Reserve during the works. Please note – NO trees will be removed and protected trees will be kept safe during construction.

Ballam Park - Dog Agility Park

Description of Works:

  • A fully fenced enclosed dog agility park will be constructed at Ballam Park along the rear fence line. Size approx 15m x 27m.

  • All materials (dog and picnic equipment, even the drinking tap) will be made out of recycled material from a local Carrum Downs business (Replas)

  • The area will consist of one half with the dog equipment and the other half picnic facilities.

Timing of Works: Starting mid to late July 2018 with completion expected early August 2018.

Disruption Expected: There will be no disruption to park users

Skye Reserve Works - Ballarto Road 

Description of Works: As part of providing safer vehicle access into and out of the Skye Reserve, road works will be  undertaken to provide a right hand turn lane into the Skye Reserve from Ballarto Road

The works involves widening Ballarto Road directly opposite the Reserve and constructing new concrete kerbing followed by a new asphalt surface to which line marking will be applied to designate the new turning lane.

Timing of Works: Commencing late June 2018 with a 5 week time frame expected until completion.

Seaford North Soccer Pavilion - Change Room Extension

Commencing date: Early June

Duration: 6 Months

Location: Railway Parade, Seaford North Reserve

Description of works: Construction of a new female friendly Change Room facility including toilet amenities, referee change rooms, first aid room and storage.

The proposed extension includes the following functions:

  • 2 X Change rooms
  • 2 X Toilet and shower amenities
  • Accessible toilet with shower
  • First Aid room
  • Additional storage

Disruptions expected: Some carpark  spaces will be utilised during the construction for storage of materials and access into the site.

Long Island Retarding Basin Upgrade

Commencing date: late May

Location: National Golf Course on Long Island

Duration: Until late 2018

Description of works: The upgrade works will be carried out by John Holland-KBR Joint Venture on behalf of Melbourne Water. These works will include:

  • removal of trees, root ball excavation and backfill of embankment
  • sand filter trench excavation and backfill
  • embankment hardening
  • embankment crest capping
  • sheet pile installation for foundation cut-off wall

Disruption expected: Melbourne Water will do everything possible to minimise disruption during construction although large trucks, noise, dust and worker amenities will occur.

More Information: Contact 1800 096 546 or visit

Landmark Bridge repairs

Commencing date: late May

Location: Landmark Bridge, Frankston Foreshore

Duration: late May to early August

Description of works: To repair and prevent corrosion Council will be painting the arches and steel beams of the Landmark Bridge crossing Kananook Creek.

Disruption expected: Works will occur over a ten (10) week period with full closure of pedestrian access across the bridge for approximately 5-6 weeks. Boating access from Kananook Creek to Port Philip Bay will remain open however there will be restricted head room due to equipment.

George Pentland Botanic Gardens: Playground

Commencing date: May 2018

Location: George Pentland Botanic Gardens, Williams Street, Frankston

Duration: May to early August 2018

Description of works: The works include the provision of a new playground facility with a comprehensive range of play items including a custom designed tree house, slides, inclusive carousel, six seater rope swing, net see-saw, spring animals, sand play area and story circle.     

Disruption expected: Visitors will need to use alternative pedestrian access paths in the vicinity of the works zone as access will be restricted during construction

Young Street West Car Park Closure

Commencing Date: Tuesday 20 February

Location: Young Street, Frankston

Duration: Until September 2018

Description of Works: The Young Street West car park will be privately used by the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA)

Disruptions Expected: No parking will be available until further notice

Carrum Downs Multipurpose Pavilion

Location: Carrum Downs Recreation Reserve, 45R Wedge Road, Carrum Downs

Work commencing: Monday 15 May 2017 with completion due in Winter 2018

Description of works: Construction of a new multi-use pavilion, adjacent public toilet facilities, associated civil works and car park

Disruptions expected: Access to the western side oval and immediate surrounds will be restricted during the works

Frankston Line Crossings managed by Level Crossing Removal Authority

Works Commencing: November 2015

Duration of Works: Ongoing for the next eight years

Location: Various locations along the Frankston Line

The upgrade of Frankston Station is expected to start in autumn 2018.

Description of Works: Removing 50 dangerous and congested level crossings will transform the way people live, work and travel across metropolitan Melbourne and improve safety for drivers and pedestrians

Disruptions Expected: Buses will replace trains during some stages and nearby car parking areas may also be restricted.

More information contact Metro Trains on 1800 800 007 or for expected delays and works alerts

This work is conducted by the Level Crossing Removal Project.  Please visit for more information

Contact Level Crossing Removal Authority:

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