Get your pool up to scratch

Monday 20 March 2017

Get your pool up to scratch

Frankston City Council has recently reviewed its pool and spa register and is now set to commence a safety audit on all properties identified within the municipality in the coming weeks.

The increased focus on protection of children around water at home comes following an alarming increase in the number of backyard pool drowning incidents reported this summer.

Council officers will be contacting pool owners to arrange an appointment to inspect their pool and spa safety barriers.

The most common areas of pool and spa non-compliance include; maintenance of boundary fences abutting a pool, gates that don’t self-close or self-lock and climbable objects against pool fences.

With over approximately 4,500 pools and spas within Frankston City, Mayor Brian Cunial said “Council is committed to pool safety and ensuring owners comply with regulations”.

“Although appropriate barriers are vital aspects of ensuring children’s safety around pools, constant adult supervision is the most effective way to protect young children around water and should always remain a priority,” said the Mayor.

“I encourage all pool and spa owners who have doubts about their fence or barrier to contact Council to arrange an inspection.”

Council officers will contact pool owners to arrange an appointment to inspect their pool and spa safety barriers compliance and will first prioritise potential high risk pools and illegal pools.

The Victorian Building Regulations requires compliance for all pools and spas exceeding 30 centimetres in depth, which also includes inflatable and temporarily erected pools. These pools are required to comply with both Victorian Legislation and Australian Standards.

New pool fencing safety barriers also require a building permit prior to installation and a Certificate of Final Inspection at completion of works from either a private building surveyor or Council.

Our top tips for ensuring pool and spa safety at your home include:

  • Close adult supervision of children at all times
  • Ensure all gates and doors leading to pool areas are self-closing and self-latching from rest at any position  
  • Never leave a pool gate propped open
  • Carry out regular maintenance on pool and spa barriers
  • Keep climbable objects, such as chairs and pot plants, away from the pool barrier
  • Educate children about proper water safety

 For fact sheets and more information on pool fence requirements, phone 1300 322 322 or visit

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