Draft Urban Forest Policy

Frankston City Council seeks your comments on its newly developed Urban Forest Policy.

The Urban Forest Policy establishes a vision for supporting a healthy, resilient urban forest and provides a framework for making structured consistent and environmentally sound decisions which consider long-term goals as well as day-to-day tree management practices for all trees within the municipality’s “Urban Forest”. 

The policy provides a pathway which will feed into a greater Urban Forest Action Plan.

Frankston City’s urban forest contributes significantly to the City’s character and is central to making our municipality a diverse, livable and sustainable City. Trees have an important function and role supporting our biodiversity, improving the livability of the City, addressing the negative impacts of climate change and contribute to its diverse cultural heritage and social character.

Draft Urban Forest Policy


Submissions should be marked “Urban Forest Policy” and can be complete online, in person or via mail.

Submissions Close at 5pm on Friday 24 February.

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