Cr Glenn Aitken

North-West Ward

Phone:  (03) 9786 3274
Group Email for Councillors:

Glenn Aitken was elected to Frankston City Council as the Councillor for Klauer Ward in March 2003 and re-elected in to the newly formed North-West Ward in November 2005. In December 2006, he was elected as the Mayor of Frankston City Council. In November 2008, Cr Aitken was re-elected for another four year term and again in November 2012.

Glenn was born in Frankston, educated locally and has a fourth generation link with Seaford.  His family contribution to the City is well known as his late father Bruce Aitken was a former Councillor and Mayor. He is very proud of the work both his father and mother did for the Frankston and Seaford communities.

On three occasions Councillor Aitken has been elected to Councils in country Victoria, primarily on his strong record of keeping Council honest. He does not have any political affiliations and sees Local Government as a commitment, not a political stepping stone.

Cr Aitken advocates on behalf of the community on a range of issues some of which are beautification, the importance of good architectural and general planning outcomes, the socially disadvantaged, community safety and promoting education as a foundation stone for a strong community and the environment. He is committed to strengthening the connection between the community, Council staff and Councillors which is critical for the proper functioning of a City.

The final word in local Government is trust – without it, there is nothing.

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