Ventana Fiesta 2017

This annual celebration of Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish cultures, people and stories aims to provide intimate and authentic experiences through dance, music, food, art, crafts, film, poetry, language, sports and educational workshops.

The Ventana Fiesta takes place in the Frankston and Carrum Downs Libraries, The Frankston Arts Centre, White Street Mall, Wells Street and Wells Street Plaza from 1 February to the 8 April 2017.

Ventana Opening

7pm on Friday 24 February at Cube 37
Celebrate the official opening of the festival and enjoy the entertainment and culture while exploring the exhibitions.

  • 7pm Preview exhibitions throughout Frankston Arts Centre Foyer and Cube 37 followed by official opening formalities and Murga Madre Performance.

RSVP on 03 9784 1896

Ventana Art Exhibitions

Friday 24 February to Saturday 8 April
A range of exhibitions in Cube 37 and the FAC foyer showcasing videos, costumes, banners, installation, soundscapes and photography related to the Murga movement and the history of the guitar plus unique jewellery and craft from Latin America.

  • Cube 37 Gallery
    First Interactive International Murga Exhibition, curated by Salvatore Rossano Drum - Bombo Video and audio soundscape by artist Abraham Dunovits 
  • Cube 37 Glass Cube
    Murga Installation by Murga Madre, Colectivo Murguero
    After dark: Carnevalma murga video projection by creative director Laura Cionci / film director Alessandro Zangirolami
  • Art and Gift Boxes
    Ceramic Jewellery by Carina Goldman Craft from the Indigenous Wichi Communities in Argentina
    Latin American Collective by Millahue Designs, Cielito & Polchteca Designs
    Murga Porteña CD Collection by Agenda Murguera
  • Ceramic Jewellery by Carina Goldman
    Craft from the Indigenous Wichi Communities in Argentina
  • Murga Porteña CD Collections
    Latin American Collective by Millahue, Cielito & Polchteca Designs
  • Arts Centre Atrium Gallery
    Rhythm, Colour and Traditions by Lionel Alfredo Chávez Espinosa
  • Arts Centre Curved Wall
    Guitar Voyage - Viaje de la Guitarra curated by Rosemary Hodgson
  • White Street Light Boxes
    Carnevalma, Murga video projection and images by Laura Cionci

Ventana Community Workshops

Wednesdays 1, 8, 15, 22 February, 1 and 8 March at Cube 37
Become part of the carnival parade for Ventana Street Fiesta 2017! In this series of multi-art workshops you will become part of an authentic South American murga carnival community by learning the dances, songs, acting and craft that form the parade plus the opportunity to get involved in making your own costumes and props! It’s a fun and inclusive activity, suitable for all ages. No experience required!
Bookings Essential
Morning sessions 10am-12pm free-of-charge (Ventana Arts Access) on 03 9784 1896
Evening sessions 7.30pm-9pm Cost: $60 on 03 9784 1060

Ventana Street Fiesta

12pm-8pm on Saturday 11 March in Wells Street, Frankston
Join the Murga Carnival Parade starting at 12pm in Wells Street Plaza.

Immerse yourself in Latin American, Portuguese and Spanish cultures throughout the day with delicious BBQs, street food, music, dance performances, sports arena and workshops for the entire family to enjoy, while roaming the unique craft stalls.

There is something for everybody...shows and workshops.

  • Mini Murga at Chiquitines Tent
  • Capoeira and soccer games a the the Sports Arena
  • Cooking Demos with Los Rodriguez….

Don’t forget to bring your drink bottle, dancing shoes and soccer gear!

Ventana Education Workshops

9.30am to 2.30pm on Tuesday 14 March and Thursday 16 March at Frankston Arts Centre and Cube 37
Music workshops and guided tours of the Ventana exhibitions tailored for students and community groups.
Bookings essential on 03 9784 1890

After School Street Art for Teens

4.30pm-6pm on Wednesdays 1, 8, 15 ,22 February at Cube 37 patio
Make a mural about the Murga Carnival to be exhibited at the Street Fiesta.
Bookings essential on 03 9784 1060

Ventana World Movies

Alba (2016), Multiple award winning feature film and Australian Premiere
By Ana Cristina Barragan
6.30pm-8.30pm on Tuesday 28 February at Frankston Library Community Room
Ecuador, Mexico, Greece, Spanish with English subtitles.
Bookings not required.  Free

Violeta went to Heaven 2011
by Andrés Wood
3pm on 19 March 2017 at Cube 37
A portrait of famed Chilean singer and folklorist Violeta Parra filled with her musical work, her memories, her loves and her hopes
 Spanish, French, Polish language with English subtitles.
Bookings not required.  Free

Luna de Avellaneda (Avellaneda’s Moon) 2004
By Juan Jose Campanella
11am-2pm on Monday 20 March at Frankston North Community Centre
The story of a social sports club in a Buenos Aires neighbourhood and the people who try to save it. Enjoy a delicious Latin style lunch after the movie.
Spanish with English subtitles
Bookings essential on 03 8773 9545

Blanco and Carmín la murga según Pasión Quemera (White and Carmin Red, a peep into the Pasion Quemera Murga group) 2007
by Paula Horman and Dañel Vidal
6.30pm on Thursday 24 March at Frankston Library Community Room
Spanish with English subtitles
Bookings not required. Free

Ventana for Seniors

Flavours of Ventana - Cooking Workshop
11am-1pm on Friday 24 March at Frankston North Community Centre
A day full of flavour for you to enjoy, this cooking workshop brings you a taste of Latin America. Come and have a go in this hands-on, interactive cooking class, and learn to create an authentic Latin American dish, which you can then enjoy.
Bookings essential on 03 8773 9545

Ventana Cultura

Sunday Concerts

Murga Concert by Salvatore Rossano and Memo Beltzer
1.30pm-2.30pm on 12 March at Frankston Library

Classical guitar concert by the Johnston Brothers
1.30pm-2.30pm on 19 March at Frankston Library

Homage to Violeta Parra on her 100 anniversary
Concert by Oscar Poncel, Alejandro Vargas and Katherine Aguirre and poetry by Iurgui Urruti Garmendia followed by the movie "Violeta went to Heaven".
3pm on 19 March 2017 at Cube 37

Bandoneon concert by Leonardo Intilangelo
1.30pm-2.30pm on 26 March 2017 at Frankston Library

Bookings not required.  Free

Preschool Bilingual Storytimes

Spanish and English Storytime
9.30am-10am on Tuesday 28 February at Seaford Library
10.30am-11am on Thursday 9 March at Frankston Library

Portuguese and English Storytime
10.30am-11am on Friday 10 March at Carrum Downs Library

Bookings not required.  Free

Ventana Música

The Journey of the Guitar
5pm-6.30pm on Sunday 26 March at Cube 37
A musical narration of the guitar’s journey from Europe to the Americas in the 15th Century. From the vihuela to the guitarron chileno, each string instrument will shine in the hands of local musicians. Curated by Rosemary Hodgson including a Q & A session. Performers: Rosemary Hodgson, Alejandro Vargas, Oscar Poncell, Ken Murray, Angel Mellado and Catarina Pizatti (dancer)
Tickets: $20 or $15 if combined with Grygorian Brothers Concert at the FAC.
Bookings Essential: 03 9784 1060

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