Electrification of Frankston Rail Line to Baxter

Frankston City Council has recommended that the Federal Government partners with the Victorian Government to commence the planning and construction of the electrification and duplication of the Frankston rail line to Baxter.

This project has been an urgent priority of Council for many years as it will bring the Frankston station precinct into the 21st century by electrifying the rail line and relocating stabling facilities to Baxter, allowing new green spaces, apartments, business and retail opportunities to flourish in the heart of the city.  It will also result in residents from Baxter, Frankston South and Langwarrin having greater access to education and employment opportunities, TAFE, University and hospital facilities, as well as fewer vehicles parked in the City Centre.

Additionally, the project will complement the work being undertaken by the Victorian Government to redevelop Frankston train station which better connects the businesses of west and the educational precinct on the east.

According to Public Transport Victoria data in 2009 and 2012, 58% of travellers to Frankston Station come from more than 20 minutes away. Further to this, 22% come from more than 40 minutes away.  A station located at Baxter, which has convenient access from Peninsula Link, would allow for easy access to rail services for these commuters.

Public Transport Victoria’s Network Development Plan 2012 lists the electrification to Baxter as a Stage 3 project, to be complete within 15 years.

The Federal Government’s commitment in 2016 for $4 million towards developing business cases for the Baxter electrification and the rail line project will be the first step towards making Frankston’s rail interchange precinct the place we imagine it can be.

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