Flooding and Bushfire Information

Information regarding flooding, flood and bushfire prone areas.


To determine if your property is subject to Flooding, Significant Building Overlay and/or Land Subject to Inundation Overlay whether it be from creeks, water catchments, street and roads, low lying land or other water issues that require consent or approval from Council’s Infrastructure Department, Planning Department and/or Melbourne Water, the below information can be obtained.

How to determine if this is applicable

Complete the Property Information Form Requesting for Regulation 326 Form prepared by the Planning and Building Administration Team on Council’s Flood Prone Area.

Melbourne Water can also provide you with their own Flood Prone Information that can be obtained from their application form under related documents

Special Building Overlay and/or Land Subject to Inundation

Complete a Planning Information Request Form prepared by the Planning and Building Administration Team

In addition to the Planning Information Request Form, you may also obtain this information immediately online from Land Victoria - Victorian Government's key program for land administration and land information provide specific information on a property.

Department of Planning and Community Development has Frankston City Council Planning Scheme online where you can read more on Planning Zones, Overlays and definitions that are specific to the property as detailed from above Land Victoria website

How to obtain Approval and/or Consent

If the property is subject to Flooding, you will be required to obtain consent from Council’s Infrastructure Department and Melbourne Water. Click on the related links and Consent to Building on Flood Prone Land Form.

Depending on the requirements, a registered Land Surveyor is often required to be engaged to prepare a Land Survey with existing ground levels and any existing dwelling floor levels applicable to Australian Height Datum’s (AHD) in metres above sea level to, determine the property’s level to the applicable Flood Prone Level.

Generally any new floor levels of dwellings are to be an additional 300mm above the nominated Flood Prone Level but is dependant on the responsible authority.

Special Building Overlay and/or Land Subject to Inundation Overlay

Depending on the requirements and exemptions of the Overlay will depend on if you will require a Planning Permit.  Please contact the Planning Department for further information click on the related links and documents on further information and forms.

Bushfire Prone Areas (BPA) and Wildfire Management Overlays (WMO)

The Land Victoria and Planning Scheme online services will assist you in determining if either of these applies.


Bushfire Prone Areas are regulated under the Building Act as it relates to the building construction and measures to help protect buildings from fire ember attack.

It is normally the registered draftsperson/ architect’s responsibility to make the onsite assessment to determine the specific level of protection rated as BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) from Australian Standard AS3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.  All requirements must be suitably documented on the Architectural/Draftsperson Plans when applying for a Building Permit.

As an owner, you may also complete a Bushfire Attack Level Assessment Report located on the right hand side of this page as a Related Document only if you feel competent enough to do so as any errors by you may incur additional building and plan costs will be borne by you. 

Please note the draftsperson/architect must include the Bal (Bushfire Attack Level) and all appropriate fire protection measures requirements of the Australian Standard and references on the plans

If a Building Permit Application is lodged with Council’s Building Department, the Building Surveyor will assess the architectural/draftspersons plans for compliance only.  


The Wildfire Management Overlay relates more to the land surrounding the actual building and assesses whether the building should be built, located, vegetation control, Country Fire Authority (CFA) road access, water tank and water supply, signage etc to assist the fire personnel to combat fire and protect building and life. 

The Planning Scheme requirements and exemptions will determine whether a Planning Permit and/or CFA comment is obtained in addition to a Building Permit.

It is the registered Draftsperson, Architect or Planning Consultant’s responsibility to make the onsite assessment and prepare the Bushfire Management Statement which is a specific document that includes the BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) nominated as required under the Planning Scheme.

This Statement will be presented to the CFA to make a determination on the BAL and the Statement for a Planning Permit Application to be considered.

Upon the issue of any Planning Permit, conditions and endorsed plans from the Council’s Planning Department, you will also be required to obtain a Building Permit. The registered Draftsperson/Architect will prepare construction plans to illustrate that the building construction complies with Australian Standard AS3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

Please note that the architect/draftsperson must nominate the BAL(Bushfire Attack Level). This is not Council’s responsibility.

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