Local Area Planning

Local Area Planning

Local Area Planning (LAP) workshops are held to collectively develop localised plans.

Local Area Planning Introduction

Area Planning Introduction

Helping to develop plans that suit the unique needs of each local community.

Carrum Downs: Banyan Reserve

Carrum Downs, Skye and Sandhurst

This Local Area Plan is currently being updated following recent community workshops.

Frankston Central and Frankston Heights

Frankston Central and Frankston Heights

Local priorities including Frankston's city centre.

Frankston North Local Area Plan

Frankston North

A Local Community Plan reflects the needs and aspirations of Frankston North.

Frankston South Local Area Plan: Image by Jan Wells

Frankston South

Five main themes were developed at the Frankston South Local Area Planning workshop.



Karingal has a strong sense of community and neighbourhood character.

Langwarrin Local Area Plan


The Local Area Plan highlights how the community would like to see their area evolve.

Seaford Local Area Plan


The Seaford community responded very enthusiastically to the Local Area Planning Workshop.

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