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Active Transport

Walking and Cycling are great ways to get around Frankston, and are healthy and sustainable transport options. To find walking and cycling tracks in your area, use our Walking and Cycling Path brochure - available in the related documents section of this page

Bicycle Victoria has great information about cycling paths, bike maintenance, and tips about cycling. Visit their website via the related links section of this page.

Easy Peasy Playbook

Physical activity is important in a child's life. Children require at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity and no more than two hours of screen time (including television, DVD, computers and electronic games) each day.

This Playbook has been developed with the assistance of Ballam Park Primary School and Frankston Family Day Care. There are many ways to be entertained and active. Included are a range of activities for different weather conditions, weekends, holidays and celebrations for children, families and even teachers to participate in.


Frankston City Council encourages schools to join the Bicycle Victoria Ride2School Program, which promotes the health, sustainability and safety benefits of riding to school.

Did you know...

  • Walking or cycling 1km to the railway station instead of driving saves 0.2-0.3kg greenhouse gas emissions, other air pollutants and fuel costs. Emissions calculations for a number of transport options are available on the Connex Emissions Calculator
  • By walking 1km to the railway station and climbing the steps, a person would meet one-third to one-half of their daily requirements for physical activity
  • 70 per cent of students are driven to school, despite 80 per cent of students living within 3km of the school they attend
  • 61 per cent of children in grades 3-6 who are currently being driven to school said they would prefer to walk if given the choice

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