Security Camera Program

Security Cameras Target ‘Hot Spots’

There are 37 cameras mounted at 18 locations through the Frankston  Town Centre and along the Frankston foreshore with footage streamed back to the Frankston Police Station

There are additional CCTV cameras mounted on various Frankston City  Council buildings including the Langwarrin Community Hall which allow for monitoring of activity  by authorized Frankston Council employees.

The vision is relayed directly to Frankston Police Station for either live monitoring in response to officers on the street or review by investigators as part of a criminal enquiry.

Other CCTV camera  locations include;

  • Frankston Waterfront
  • Young Street
  • Corners of Wells, Playne and Davey Streets at the intersection of Nepean Highway
  •  Davey and Playne Streets with Kananook Creek Boulevard
  • Shannon Street Mall
  • Keys and Thompson Streets with the intersection of Wells Street

Council’s Community Safety team worked closely with Frankston Police to identify sites for the new cameras, based on the location of incidents the police have had to attend.

Council’s CCTV program has been hugely successful in improving residents’ feelings of safety and security as well as assisting Frankston Police in responding to crime.

Frankston City Council is currently involved in a State Government funded Project involving the further installation of CCTV cameras monitoring behaviour in Gallery Lane and Stiebal Place, Frankston.

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