Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Community Profile

Following European settlement, Frankston City has been predominantly Anglo-Australian, although there are a number of well established, as well as emerging culturally diverse communities throughout the area.

Born Overseas

Overall, 27,532 or 21.8% of the Frankston City population was born overseas compared to 31.4% in Greater Melbourne. The highest proportions of Frankston City residents were born in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, followed by India, Philippines and Germany. Between 2006 and 2011 the number of people in Frankston City who were born overseas increased by 12.4%, particularly from countries including India, New Zealand, the Philippines and China. Smaller emerging groups in Frankston City also include people from Burma, South Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Recent Arrivals

Data shows that there was a larger proportion of people who arrived before 2001, and a smaller proportion of recent arrivals (those who arrived between 2006 and 2011). Overall, 70.7% of the overseas born population arrived before 2001, and 15.1% arrived during or after 2006, compared with 61.4% and 23.2% respectively for Greater Melbourne.

Non-English Speaking Backgrounds

The dominant language spoken at home other than English is Greek, with 0.8% of the population speaking this language at home compared to 2.8% in Greater Melbourne. Other dominant languages spoken at home in Frankston City are Italian, Mandarin and Filipino/Tagalog. Between 2006 and 2011 there has been an increase of 33.3% in the number of people who speak a language other than English at home. 

1.2% of the population of Frankston City is not fluent in English, compared to 5.1% in Greater Melbourne. In Frankston City, 85.1% speak English only and 10.2% speak a non-English language, compared to 66.3% and 29.1% respectively for Greater Melbourne. The largest non-English speaking country of birth is India, where 1.0% of Frankston City’s population or 1,295 people were born.

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An image of the Top Ten Religions in Frankston City 

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Arrivals to Australia between 2006 and 2011

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