Pet Registration

If you live in the Frankston City municipality and own a cat and/or dog aged three months or more, you must ensure they are registered regardless of:

  • Breed
  • State of health  
  • Whether the animal is kept indoors or outside

Failure to register your pet may incur a fine of $317.

Pet Registration Payments

Renewal of Existing Registration is due on 10 April

The animal registration year is from 10 April through to 9 April the following year. Each March, residents with existing pet registrations are mailed renewal notices and registration tags. From 2018, registration tags will be for life.

Registration Fees can be paid using one of the following options:

  • Renewal Registrations can be paid online via the Pets Registration Payments
    Online Pets Registration Payments  
  • In person at one of Council's Customer Service Centres
  • By mail to Frankston City Council, PO Box 490, Frankston 3199
  • First Time Registration need to register and pay at a Customer Service Centre

The prescribed fee must be paid prior to 10 April each year.  Registration tags are for life.

First Time Registration

As of 1 September 2008, all newly registered cats and dogs must be permanently identifiable e.g. microchipped, and desexed from the age of three months. First Time Registration need to register and pay at a Customer Service Centre.

Further details of registration requirements, including exemptions and fee structures, are included on the back of the Dog and Cat Registration Form.

Fee Structure - Renewals

  • Sterilised dog/cat $50*  
  • Declared dogs (dangerous/menacing and restricted only) $300
  • Dogs Victoria registered dog (owner must present current membership) $50*
  • Cat registered with the Feline Control Council or other association or breed society approved by Council (owner must present current membership) $50*

*Pensioners who hold a valid concession card are eligible for a 50 per cent discount except for menacing/dangerous/restricted dogs, under the State Concessions Act 1986

Registration Tags

2018 Registration tags are for life Registered animals are required to wear their registration tag at all times. The owner of any registered animal found outside the owner's premises without the registration tag is guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction to a penalty of up to $79*.

Registration tags are for life, please contact Council for replacement or lost tags.

* Please note that penalty charges may increase without notice.

Excess Animals

Excess Animal Permits are required for the following animals

  • Any rooster or peafowl; or
  • More than 2 cats; or
  • More than 2 dogs; or
  • More than 4 rodents ( rats, ferrets, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. ); or
  • More than 30 birds; or
  • More than 8 poultry (ducks, geese, hens etc.)

Please note this is a requirement within Frankston City Council‘s Local Law no 8, Part 4.  

Please be aware that Excess animal permits are not transferrable and when approved are applicable to the specific applicant, property and animals specified at the time of application. Should the animals at the property change you must notify the Community Safety department on 9784 1917 to discuss the requirement to reapply. If you move properties you must make a new application (including payment of the permit fee).  The permit process includes neighbourhood consultation and a property inspection, permits are renewed annually and Council may cancel the permit if the permit conditions are not complied with, including ensuring that all dog and/or cats are currently registered with Council.

The maximum number of dogs or cats allowed to be kept on land if FIVE (5), unless a planning permit issued under the provisions of the Frankston Planning Scheme allows a greater number. (i.e. Animal Husbandry, Rescue groups)  

Payment Locations

Online Payment

Return Dogs Home Policy

Council is reuniting lost dogs with owners who do the right thing.

Should your dog be collected by Council, officers will attempt to deliver it home to its owner, provided the dog is registered, wearing a registration tag and has no previous escape history.

Please note:The owner needs to be home at the time of delivery and provide photo ID.  

Help Council help you. Register your animal, keep your contact information up to date and ensure their tag is on their collar.

Contact Us

Frankston City Council
30 Davey Street
Frankston 3190
P. 1300 322 322

After Hours Contact

1300 322 322 to report emergency matters including dog attacks or threatening animals.

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