Environmental Grants and Rebates

Victorian Energy Upgrade Program

Through the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program, the Victorian Government offers discounts and special deals to homeowners and businesses on selected energy saving products and appliances, to make your property more energy efficient and affordable.

The Victorian Government has put together a list of participating businesses who are accredited to pass on the savings to you. The bigger the greenhouse gas reduction, the bigger your potential incentive. Discounts and special deals range from large items such as replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems, hot water systems and large household appliances, through to showerheads, lighting, draught proofing and energy standby eliminators.

Visit the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program page for a comprehensive list of products and services available for discounts and special deals under the program.

A list of accredited businesses is available here:

Council's Community Grants Program

Frankston City Council runs an annual Community Grants Program to support Frankston City based groups in the operation of programs, specific projects, volunteer training, and development of new services and purchase of new equipment. Environmental initiatives are an area supported by Council's grant program.

Examples of previously successful grants have been funding for equipment to support education and operation of wildlife rescues, funding to run a seminar series on safe use of greywater, funding for equipment to assist volunteers in working in natural reserves, funding for holding an environmental event.

Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for philanthropy and is a not-for-profit membership organisation. Members are trusts and foundations, families and individuals who want to make a difference through their own philanthropy and to encourage others to become philanthropists. For information visit the Philanthropy Australia website. 

Rebates for Solar

If you invest in a solar system (either solar power or solar hot water) for your home or business, you may be eligible for Federal Government rebates on the purchase of your system.

For information on the government’s solar rebates (up front discount) please ask your solar supplier.

For details about the feed in tariff for electricity that you may feed into the grid, please ask your electricity retailer.

For comprehensive information on installing solar power on your property, and how to avoid common pitfalls, please visit Council’s Solar and Renewable Energy page.

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